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Date of acquaintance, without charge,

Date of acquaintance, without charge,

LitterBox Cleaning Services

Need help for the cleaning of your litterboxes? Get rid of this difficult but necessary process and reduce the workload, making your kitty happy. We are at your disposal for cleaning, disinfecting your litterboxes and litter delivery.

As guardians of 7 cats, we know that cats need and love clean litterboxes. Most of the time, even before we have finished scooping the litter, our cats have already formed a line next to the boxes attempting to get in even before we put the lid back on.

Let's face it though, that scooping the litterbox isn't just a chore, since it's very important for your cat. So, are you fed up with litter and poop scooping? is here to assist.

This Service is Ideal

Litterbox Cleaning and Disinfection Packages


*Ideal for every day or for two to three times a week.


*Ideal for every one or two months.


*Ideal for two, to three times a year.