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A CatSitter's work focuses mainly on the cat but also on your home, aiming for safety and tranquility to you and your cat.

1. Peace of mind

Although felines don't really require much attention, we know how much you care and worry about them. Talking from personal experience it is not the best way to spend your precious vacation time. 

With a CatSitter, you are certain that your cat is fed, exercised, safe and at home! So you can enjoy your time away in peace. 

2. Love and attention

The idea that cats hate cuddles and love, is a myth that I will never understand. In the last few years that I care for cats indoors, I've seen them all running to the door to greet me when I get home. Nevertheless, my cats are actually excited to see me.

Like every creature, cats are complicated as well. Sure, some cats may not want attention all the time, but interacting with them is as important as it is for dogs.

Therefore, a CatSitter will provide your cat with all the necessary attention that it needs and will keep it calm and relaxed for the days of your absence. 


3. Protection from unwanted "visitors"

Insects and rodents often take advantage of a quiet house. They are trying to infiltrate in order to find food and without anyone to scare them off, they are likely to succeed.

It's dangerous for your home and your cat, due to cat's predatory nature, since it's possible to hunt down mice and cockroaches, which most likely carry diseases. 

A CatSitter not only gives the impression that there is someone living in the house, but he can also detect an intrusion and deal with it.

4. Escape prevention

Cats are escape artists and sometimes they just do it for fun! However, if your cat feels threatened or uncomfortable, it may tries to get out while you're away. The ASPCA estimates that only 74% of the lost cats, return home.

A CatSitter can eliminate the risk of escape, keeping your cat well-fed, comfortable and happy every day.

Never leave tilt doors and windows open, since they can cause serious injuries, amputations and death..

5. Home security

If you still don't believe that your cat needs a CatSitter, consider the safety of your home. Along with the insects and rodents, burglars can also show special interest for a vacant house.

CatSitters along with your kitty, also water your plants, receive your mail, turn on and off the lights and generally, make the place look alive. This can prevent anyone with bad intentions.

6. Playtime

Cats love hunting and they've beendoing it for millions of years. This is the reason why a mouse-toy at the end of a string, tied to a stick is so tempting for them. This stimulation is extremely beneficial for your kitty. It consumes all the extra energy, creates a goal (to catch the toy) and hits it.

Without a playtime, cats often get bored and become inactive, or even worse, destructive.

7. Litterbox scooping

Nothing is worse than coming back home to a soaked with pee carpet at the entrance of your home. Cats are meticulous with their care. They like to stay fresh and clean. Therefore, to assume that they will use the same gross litterbox for a week or more, is not very realistic.

The role of a CatSitter in this part can save your house from such incidents and your kitty from the disappointment, of a filled with pee and poo, litterbox.

If you have more than one cat, you should always have one extra litterbox than the number of your cats and don't place them near their food or water.

8. Food and water

Cats love to play with their water bowl. They'll sit down next to it and drag it left and right, creating puddles all over the floor. In many cases, without the presence of someone, this easily translates to an empty bowl and many thirsty cats.

But they dont stop there, they also seem to love playing with their toys in their water bowls. They will find the most absorbent toy and throw it in, just to see if it will float! This of course leads to soaked toys and more empty water bowls.

Use bowls for food and water that they do not break nor can be turned over.

9. Avoid damage

It is known that cats can become naughty. Even if it is not intentional (which is not often), your cat can destroy plants, picture frames, dishes or anything else they find, even on the highest shelves.

 If a cat that I care for seems to be particularly active, I'll do what I can to consume its energy with some safe playtime. In the event that it still manages to break something, I will make sure that it isn't hurt, clean up, and let you know, there is nothing to worry about.

10. Protection from extraordinary weather events.

Whether you leave town for a winter getaway or for your summer vacation, there's always unexpected weather phenomena that you can't control. A heat wave or a very cold day in the winter can be unbearable for your pet. Daily check is always needed by someone to make sure your kitty isn't facing heatstrokes, or freezing temperatures.

You should always check weather forecast before going on a trip and prepare accordingly.

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