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We are confronted with this question very often, considering that in Greece this term is not well known, it is reasonable for someone to be cautious.

"Cat Sitting" as a business is a relatively new pet care service. Naturally, off the record, is going on for many years, but the idea of hiring a professional is something that most people are not familiar with. However, it gradually acquires a strong reputation against the other solution, which is a hotel or a guest house for pets.

After you read this article, you will have a better understanding of our service and it value, knowing that there is a way to feel safe, while you are away from your beloved pet and your home.


Cat Sitting, is basically a service where a person comes to your house to take care of your cat while you are away. It's the opposite of transfering your cat to a guesthouse for pets. 

This allows your cat to stay in the comfort of your home and not be confined, in a cage, at some foreign environment. Remaining in it's space, drastically reduces the stress and preserves it's mental and physical health.

Stress is one of the primary causes for the spread of herpes, in the cat's upper respiratory system.


For CatSitters, taking care of a cat is not just a job, it's their profession and their way of life!

Professional CatSitters are passionate about cats and have a lot of experience and knowledge, in a wide range of breeds. They are fully aware of feline behavior, while proactively monitor the health of your cat in each visit. They check for signs of disease and are prepared to transport the cat to the nearest veterinary clinic when it is necessary.

But what really distinguishes a professional CatSitter from friends or neighbors is his love for cats, his understanding of this difficult time of your absence and the responsibility they feel towards you and your beloved animal.

As you can imagine, professionals 'Cat Sitters" take their job and the responsibility that comes with it very seriously. They understand the huge responsibility that weights on them while taking care your cat and your home. In fact, this is their profession and they want to preserve and develop it.


As mentioned above, a Cat Sitter who takes care the cat and your home, will usually come in the context of a planned visit. In these visits, the caretaker performs all the duties that have been indicated by the guardian, in order to ensure the physical and mental well-being of the cat and to keep it happy and healthy in spite of their guardian's absence.


  • Provides adequate and accurate amount of food.

    Including any supplements or other dietary additives.

  • Cleans the water containers.

    And of course refills them from the preferred source (tap, filtered, bottled water).

  • Scoops all the litterboxes.

    And refills them when required.

  • Grants the correct and exact amount of any medicine.

    Always on time, whether the medicine is oral liquid, pills, insulin or subcutaneous injections, topical creams, eye drops or any other type.

  • Cleans all the accidents in the house.

    Such as vomiting or hair balls, etc.

  • Socializes with your cat.

    Either with its favorite toy, by brushing, petting or with any other activity that your cat prefers.

  • Monitors and maintains the safety of your home.

    Locks all the doors, windows and arming the alarm in your home. Also adjusts the lights and the windows, so that your absence is not obvious for the opportunists.

  • Sends daily reports of his visit.

    Via message, call or video call, if that's what you want, and tells you how things went during his visit, citing issues such as the food, the mood, the energy level of the cat, usage of toilet, social activities and any issues, concerns or questions that arose during the visit.

  • Performs other small tasks associated with the house.

    Such as watering plants or collecting mail and if required, basic cleaning of the floor from litter, preventing the spread to he rest of the house.



Reading all the above, you may be wondering, how exactly does the caregiver know how to perform these tasks in the exact way that you as a guardian, want to be done. This starts from the initial meet with you. In this phase, the caregiver comes to your home to meet you and your cat, for two main reasons: Firstly, to see if you feel comfortable with him and secondly, to explain and to indicate to him, how do you want things to be done and in which order, so that he will be fully aware and focused on what you need him to do, based on the needs of your cat and your expectations. This meeting also provides an opportunity to you and to the caregiver to discuss any questions or concerns you may have about the visits to your home.

Never hesitate to communicate
your needs or concerns with your CatSitter!


Cat Sitting is a pet care service which is provided to people who don't want to leave their cat in a hotel for pets but at the same time are reluctant to leave it home alone with large quantities of food and water. The work of a catsitter is to care for your cat and your home, better than any family member, friend or neighbor, could ever do, because this is the profession he has chosen to follow, comitted to ensure a high level of tranquility and safety to you and your cat.

Now you'll have a better idea about what is Cat Sitting, and this could be a starting point for what to look for, when you are looking to find the best caregiver in your area. Good luck!

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